We are the owners of Brett Fox Photography. We live in Durham, NC and love our beautiful state.

We are a photography company based in Durham, NC

We start with imagination. From there, you move beyond, towards something different. Something creative and something emotive. As photographers we see the world through a lens that enables us to stop motion and capture a moment. In an instant, a memory is encapsulated into something greater. A photograph moves beyond the digital and the print to an become an heirloom that represents a story. The imagination and story of something greater than yourself.

Family + Newborn | Durham Family Photography

A photograph of your two-year old child darting across Northgate Park in Durham, NC, transcends the moment to encapsulate childhood, happiness, and joy. The smile the captures your heart represents your joy. Although your family will change, the memory of childhood, even your own, never leaves. The joy of children is inescapable and we believe that every family deserves to have their story of growth and movement shared. Life happens so quickly. We owe it to ourselves to take some time out of our lives to pause and spend a few special moments experiencing life together. Photographs of your family and children will fill your home with warmth and memory.

Forever + Love  | Durham Wedding Photography

“To have and to hold, from this day forward”

A wedding is a special moment in time. A place where community comes together and says YES! If a wedding were only about 2 people then we would stop spending thousands of dollars on cakes, dresses, and catering. We would simply find ourselves alone. Weddings are a celebration of love, but not only the love of two people. A community stands up behind these lovers to also say yes, we want this for you. We deeply care for you, through thick and thin. We have a desperate need for the community who walks alongside us in life. Our family and friends first taught us to love and we now share that love toward one another.

Similarly, the photographs of a wedding move beyond a moment in time, to represent the love between two people, a love that is recognized by their community and affirmed. Wedding photography tells the story of not only your day, but of your love for one another as well as the love of those who surround you.

The Bull City

Lucky Strike Tower at American Tobacco in Durham, NC

We cannot quite get enough of this beautiful city. Who wouldn’t want to live in Durham, NC

Sarah and I (Brett) have made Durham our home. We spend many summer nights enjoying baseball games at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park and can barely contain ourselves from eating out nearly every meal. The food here is deathly good and if we went to Guglhuph every weekend I can assure you that I might have died and gone to heaven because it is just that good. We recently bought a house in Old East Durham and cannot get over the amazing community that we have fell into. Durham is a conglomeration of people from all walks of live and our neighborhood is no different. We savor every moment that we are blessed by this beautiful city and have only begun photographing its beauty.

We are Durham’s Wedding and Portrait Photographers

We try not to do everything, but as we have learned and seen our business grow we have found spaces that we excel and are passionate about. Our favorites include:

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